Smooth life Vs Chaotic Life

Lab Vodka was launched in the Miami market in October 2016 and was already in a total of 29 locations in the south Florida area by December of the same year. We are happy that we came so far after a research and planing of more then 2 years.

Out of the chaotic storms of life, we begin to thrive and smooth out the rough edges of our circumstances. We learn to spend money on experiences versus things because the memories last us a lifetime. We seek a smooth life versus a chaotic life through our choices. How do you get a smooth life though is the real question?

Our answer is through the science of smooth. The science of smooth comes from our deep founded belief that the essence of smooth is perfected by the science behind it. Throughout the chaos of it all, you will find an effortless finish. A velvety end to the jagged path we navigate every day. Why do we go through it all?

We do it in order to experience life to the fullest because its meaningless if you can’t enjoy everything it has to offer. Life is about dabbling in unexpected opportunities, taking chances, and living without regrets. Not to just fantasize about the endless possibilities that are out there but to actually grab ahold of them. If life is truly what you make it, why would you just let it pass you by?
You wouldn’t…..

Classic Premium Vodka

Our classic premium Vodka is the gentlemens favorite and served ice cold.

Pineapple Flavored Vodka

Our Pineapple flavored Vodka will give you the best tropical flavor you can image, let your creativity take you to places you have never been. A great idea is to mix it with Coconut Water or other tropical juices.

Mint Flavored Vodka

Our mint flavored Vodka is the best for a refreshing drink. There are may ways to mix it, but try it with lime sodas or mix it in your own Moscow Mule.