Mr. Smooth

A story of Perfection


There once was a man so smooth that the very ocean would lay flat at his behest. Fluent in every language of love, he could charm anyone with his silver tongue, but this lifestyle was not enough for this man who sought something deeper within his soul. Smooth as a fox and sly as the devil, this man had a thirst for something with a velvety finish. He searched high and low, far and wide, yet couldn’t find a quench for his desire. He knew that he wasn’t alone with this longing and wouldn’t stop until he found the perfect, effortless liquor to extinguish the flames of his insatiable appetite.

After years of searching for the perfectly balanced beverage of both quality and smoothness, this man went on a personal quest to develop a vodka aimed at capturing the true American spirit. Set to ascend over the peaks of the top-shelf, his fortitude could only be matched by that of his own bravado. Day after day and night after night, this man toiled in his lab, concocting the essence of perfection. In the end, the scales of victory leaned in his favor after tasting his remarkable creation, clean of all chemicals and devoid of all harshness, it was vodka in its purest form. With triumph in his eyes, he declared that this silky infusion was the epitome of the science of smooth.